Tips for making the best first impression

First impressions can make or break any business situation, so it's important to prepare to leave a lasting impact. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you'll have the chance to make a first impression that will be seen by millions. Comcast Business is bringing a Shark Tank casting call to Philadelphia on June 28, giving local entrepreneurs the chance to grow their business.

Here are tips on making the best first impression from The Career Guy Darrell Gurney.

Dress for your audience
"You want to look the part of everyone present [at your meeting]. You don't want the way you look to be any detraction from what you're there to say and what you're there to accomplish."

Speak to your audience
"Whenever you're speaking to someone in a particular field or a particular world, you want to speak in the ways they relate to. You don't want to have your 'out at the coffee shop' or 'out with the friends at the bar' talk going on while you're trying to make an impression."

Body Language
"Your body speaks volumes. So, if you're making a presentation, you want to make sure that you own your body. And owning your body is really being comfortable in your own skin."

Calculated authenticity
"If you're going to be doing business with people... you want to know that you think on the same wavelength and that you fit each other's culture. So, be authentic, and yet know, that often people will have ways to get you to let your guard down so that they can see what you really think and what you would really say."

Do your research
"There's no reason today why you shouldn't know everything there is to be known about the people you're meeting with [and] about the organization you're presenting to. It impresses people that you've done your homework."

Be interested, not interesting
"If you're ever in a setting where you're face to face with somebody, don't be interesting by talking about yourself; find out about them. Ask questions that get them talking about themselves because one of the biggest gifts you can give someone is to be interested in them, and subconsciously they love you for it."

If you live within driving distance of Philadelphia, Comcast Business is bringing a Shark Tank casting call to the Philadelphia area on Wednesday, June 28. Numbered wristbands will be distributed from 9-11 a.m. on the day of the event.

For additional details, visit Participants are encouraged to fill out the application in advance.

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