Troubleshooters warning about Cash App debit card scam

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- Some local consumers have asked the Action News Troubleshooters to solve a mystery after they received Cash App debit cards in the mail that they never requested.

Jill Gonczi, of Wilmington, Delaware received two mysterious Cash App cards in the mail.

"It really doesn't say much. It just wants you to activate the card and I'm assuming load some money onto the card," she said.

And she's not the only one. The Troubleshooters have received reports from other consumers in the Delaware Valley about Cash App cards issued by Sutton Bank.

Gonczi called Sutton Bank to investigate.

"There is a card number on the back of the cards. I gave them the card number and they said that 'someone opened these cards using your name, social security number, date of birth, and address,'" she said.

The cards are part of a scam intended to steal your identity and your money so do not do anything to activate them or use them, and certainly do not load any money onto them.

A New Jersey viewer told the Troubleshooters he got a Cash App card in the mail after his bank account was fraudulently debited showing a number of Cash App charges.

So what should you do if you get an unsolicited card in the mail?

1. Contact the card issuer

2. Ask them to close the account

3. Get confirmation in writing

4. Take a picture of the card for your records then cut it up and throw it away.

Also be aware, Cash App does not have a publicly available support phone number and no one representing Cash App will ever ask for your sign-in code over the phone, or via text or social media.

Cash App said in a statement, "We are always working to protect our customers, which includes educating them about potential scams. If you believe a Cash App account has been opened in your name without your knowledge you can report it to us."

Ohio-based Sutton Bank did not get back to the Troubleshooters but Gonczi said a representative told her the bank is getting a lot of similar reports from our area and anyone who has received an unsolicited card should assume they've fallen victim to identity theft which means you should put afreeze on your credit files.
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