Quick action by school nurse helps boy avert medical tragedy

WILDWOOD, N.J. (WPVI) -- When 11-year-old Eric Hessler said he wasn't feeling well, school nurse Lindsay Obermeier knew something wasn't right.

Eric was complaining of chest pain and palpitations.

She says his heart rate was racing at times and when she tested his oxygen level, it was low.

Obermeier immediately called Eric's mother who took him straight to the emergency room.

He was then transferred to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Eric was diagnosed with pericarditis - an inflammation of the lining surrounding the heart.

It's most commonly caused by a virus. It's possible it was related to the pneumonia which put Eric in the hospital for 2 days in December.

Eric spent two days at CHOP being treated for the pericarditis. He was treated and is now on the road to recovery.

Eric's mother Jessica is incredibly grateful and is praising the school nurse for her quick action.

"She saved my son's life," she told us. "It could have been devastating, not just for Eric, but for his 4 brothers."

Obermeier says she was just doing her job but is also thankful Eric is okay.

Principal of the school, Travis LaFerriere says we know it's her job and it's important especially with kids. "But still it makes us very proud that she pays close attention to details and she essentially saved a kid's life."
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