Child, 3, hit by bullet fired into Grays Ferry home

Monday, December 22, 2014
VIDEO: Child among 2 shot in Grays Ferry
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Philadelphia police are looking for the man who shot two people Monday in Grays Ferry.

GRAYS FERRY (WPVI) -- A small child was among two people shot in Philadelphia's Grays Ferry section Monday morning.

The 3-year-old boy was shot in the leg and rushed to Children's Hospital, where he is reportedly in stable condition.

An adult neighbor was also shot in the leg, and is said to be in stable condition as well.

It was a confusing chain of events and multiple gunshots this morning. An unidentified gunman was looking for one man instead shoots his neighbor.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Anthony Washington explains, "Why? We don't know. We're still looking into that to gather additional information. But he was looking for one gentleman in particular. And as a result of not finding him he ended up firing several rounds."

The neighbor who was shot is identified as William Pugh. According to his mother-in-law, Pugh drove himself to the hospital.

Moments after shooting Pugh the gunman fired at least one shot into a home on the 1300 block of Newkirk Street, wounding the 3-year-old son of a man known to neighbors as Moe.

It's believed Moe may have been the intended target.

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson says anyone with information about the gunman and the reason for the shootings must get it to investigators.

"This makes no sense," Johnson said. "It's the holiday season, so we definitely shouldn't have a family going to hospital with a 3-year-old shot in the leg. So, this is another reason why we need to be aggressive in going after those individuals carrying illegal guns."

At this point, police have still not released a description of the gunman.