Philly Free Streets, a fun day for families on Broad Street

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- From City Hall, up to Erie Avenue, you could run on Broad Street, walk or ride bikes.

But we also saw kids dancing in bubbles. Pets tagging along, and barbecues fired up.

Until 1 o'clock, North Broad was the designated location for the 3rd Annual Philly Free Streets!

People loved it.

DeDe Harris of Fairmount said, "I got my face painted, yawl see it? I got some water soda I got a shirt I'm excited."

As we made our way up Broad Street we found Philadelphians fascinated by what was their first trip up this way.

Sid Shah of Center City said, "I didn't know what to expect, its fun exploring."

That includes our very own Sarah Bloomquist and her family.

"Whooooo!" How is it out there? "It's fun! We went all the way up to Erie and Germantown it's a long way lots of people out really fun."

At Broad and Master, a beach was built with the help of the Goldenberg Group and the North Broad Renaissance.

The good news the beach fun here continues next week as well.

Chantel Belefanti of North abroad Renaissance said, "So get your beach on and come out and enjoy, play in the sand and have a great time."

Eventually, we made our way up to Broad and Erie.

The neighborhood was more than ready to showcase their part of town.

Dwight's Southern Barbecue was serving up free platters for everyone.

"Look we're having a great time today we've got the city involved, you guys came out to see us, and we're showing much love," said Dwight Nelson of Dwight's Southern Barbecue

In fact, some of the local community members say they've been praying for a day like this.

Larry Gilliam said, "This is one of my prayers for the neighborhood to come together in unity in one accord. I thank god for allowing this to take place."

But back at the beach is where we wrapped up.

And a lot of kids here told us they wished a day like this never did.

Samir Walker of North Philadelphia said, "The reason why I say that is in Philly when the fun happens you don't want it to end."

That young man Samir couldn't have summed it up any better.

There's is no doubt Philly Free Streets is a major hit.

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