Consumer Reports: High-tech cars not necessarily more expensive to fix

New technology found in today's latest cars is making them smarter and safer than ever. But how are all those whiz-bang features affecting repair costs?

Certain repairs do cost more because of that added technology, but a Consumer Reports investigation shows high-tech safety systems could end up saving you money in the long run.

Many of today's cars are engineered with the latest advanced safety features. They can watch the road, steer back into their lane, and even automatically brake when a crash is imminent.

Although investing in advanced safety technology on your next car will raise its sticker price, it will lessen an impact or even avoid a collision altogether.

But what happens when these systems need a repair?

"These advanced safety systems can't work without sensors, unfortunately the sensors are located in these easy-to-damage areas like the bumper, or the windshield, or the side mirrors," said Jeff Plungis Consumer Reports Car Editor.

According to RepairPal, the average cost of a basic windshield replacement runs about 300 to 500-dollars. But a replacement for a windshield with advanced safety components could soar anywhere from 800 to 1,900-dollars.

But.. while they make certain repairs more expensive, Consumer Reports says consider these advanced safety systems help to prevent costly, dangerous accidents.

According to a recent study, rear-end collision rates in vehicles with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking were 46 percent lower than those without these systems.

When it comes to paying for an expensive repair...

"When you get one of these bills you might have some sticker shock, but don't panic -- you won't pay any more than your insurance deductible," said Plungis.

And a separate note here related to car repairs.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced today a lawsuit against extended automobile warranty company, Delta Auto Protect.

Shapiro says he is looking to get money back for consumers and repair shops, which fell victim to the company's car repair scam.

He claims Delta Auto Protect refuses to cover the necessary car repairs it promises under its contracts.

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