COVID-19 outbreak: Some Philadelphians still aren't social distancing

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As coronavirus cases continue to soar across the country, in Philadelphia, not everyone seems to be taking the warnings seriously.

Action News captured more than 40 people playing two soccer matches at FDR Park.

Temple University Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Reed says this type of activity could cost lives.

"I think of it like this: the 45-year-old I have in my ICU who didn't think he was going to get sick or the 72-year-old year grandmother that had heart disease and she got infected at a family gathering. That's what I think about when I see stuff like that," said Reed. "Social distancing is hard. It's against our nature but I do have hope if we do enough of it we'll be able to minimize the damage here."

Others have expressed concerns about the lack of social distancing for people exercising on Kelly Drive. We showed Dr. Reed the video taken on Wednesday night.

"People are keeping their distance. People are staying six feet apart. So, while it's a little more crowded than I would like it to be, it's better than what we were seeing a couple of weeks ago," said Reed.

While he liked the distancing, there weren't many face masks on. He'd like that to change.

"Masking in the community is more of you protecting others from your cough and your spit," he said.

In a perfect world, he'd honestly like to see fewer people in the same spot.

"I'd much prefer more separation, people use off times when it's not as busy, if you can, it would certainly help the situation," Reed said.
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