WATCH: Truck slams into squad car during traffic stop in Ohio

ByBria Kalpen WPVI logo
Thursday, July 11, 2019
WATCH: Truck slams into squad car during traffic stop
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Dashcam video shows a pickup truck slamming into a squad car during a late-night traffic stop in Ohio.

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- A truck nearly hit a police officer and injured another when it slammed into a police cruiser during a late-night traffic stop in Ohio.

Two Painesville officers were conducting the stop July 6th at around 2:00 a.m. when a passing vehicle struck an oncoming pickup truck. The truck then veered off to the left, missing one officer and striking the patrol car head-on where another officer was seated in the patrol vehicle. The officer in the patrol car was treated and released for minor injuries at Tripoint Medical Center.

The dashcam video shows one officer alert and standing on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle during the incident, which allowed him to move out of the way and avoid injury. The force of the initial collision between the passing vehicle and the oncoming pickup truck caused the truck to strike the stopped police cruiser.

The Painesville Police Department said it is publicizing this video to give insight into the daily dangers faced by police officers across the country who work to protect their communities and deter accidents by enforcing traffic violations.

In a press release on the incident the department said, "Even with safety precautions, like using the passenger side approach, officers are vulnerable."

Painesville police also urge drivers to slow down and wait until it is clearly safe to pass when they are passing emergency vehicles engaged in a traffic stop or caring for a disabled vehicle. They advise, "Always use caution when passing and give plenty of room for the pulled over vehicle. Failing to do so can have deadly consequences for the officers and other motorists."