Bear spotted twice in Delaware County

Upper Chichester Township, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Police in Delaware County are looking for a black bear spotted Tuesday morning roaming through a man's backyard in Upper Chichester Township.

Anthony Lombardozzi lives in a wooded area of Garnet Mine Road. He says he was getting ready for work at about 7 a.m. when he heard his dog barking. He looked out his window and saw the bear in his yard.

"He walked right up the driveway here, straight across, and down into the woods. It was a black bear, medium-sized," he said.

Lombardozzi said he called police while his wife took a video.

"It's not everyday you see one in Upper Chi," he said. "I mean, we get a lot of other animals, but not a black bear. You wouldn't expect to see that."

About two miles down Garnet Mine Road, about 90 minutes earlier, Bethel Township Police Department got a similar call about a bear spotting near Clayton Park.

"Down where the bear was seen, it's a lot of wooded area," said Police Chief Thomas Sharp. "There's a lot of residential popping up now so I guess the bears have nowhere to go."

Sharp said he contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission about the spotting. He asked for anyone else who may see the bear to do the same.
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