Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorius flashing more than his glove; loves photography

CLEARWATER, Florida (WPVI) -- When he's not flashing his glove, he's flashing his camera.

Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorius not only has a love for the game but he has a love for photography.

"It's a lot of fun because it's something different. Ya know, I play baseball every day but I do something else besides play baseball," said Gregorius.

Gregorius spends his free time snapping everything from his homeland of Curacao to motor cross to baseball. It's been a hobby of his for nearly four years, and like he does before a game, he has a game plan before clicking away with any of his handful of cameras.

So what's Gregorius' favorite thing to shoot? You guessed it, sports!

In Spring Training he's turning the camera around on his Phillies teammates.

"On photo day, I will show up 6 a.m. and whatever they're doing, I will shoot"

On this day, his focus is reliever David Robertson.

"He's got special skills," Robertson says.

Gregorius is hoping his first season with the Phillies is picture-perfect.
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