Donald Trump, Nikki Haley host rallies in North Carolina days ahead of Super Tuesday

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Sunday, March 3, 2024
Trump, Haley host rallies in NC ahead of Super Tuesday
North Carolina is getting visits this weekend from major political players in the presidential race days before Super Tuesday.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina is getting visits this weekend from major political players in the presidential race days before Super Tuesday.

Republican candidate Nikki Haley spoke Saturday at Union Station in Raleigh.

In her pitch to the hundreds of North Carolina primary voters, Haley says she's the best Republican primary candidate for America to be "normal again."

She is the last candidate standing against Donald Trump in the primary and says her candidacy is not an "anti-Trump movement, but a pro-American" one.

"The majority of Americans think that we're better than this, think we can do better than this. That we deserve to know what normal feels like. That our kids deserve to feel what normal feels like. And all we've seen from Trump and Congress is stagnation. And nothing getting done," said Haley.

She spoke about a variety of issues from the cost of living to taking aim at Trump for his handling of the US-Mexico border crisis.

"You look at what's happening, no one is talking about the debt. No one's talking about how tough things are out there," Haley said. "You feel it - your paycheck doesn't go as far, your grocery bill is a whole lot higher. So are your utility bills."

Her speech caught the attention of supporters such as David Pezzullo, who came from north Raleigh.

"I want to hear what she's going to do, how we're going to be able to secure that border," he said. "I think that's one of the biggest problems that we currently experience today, obviously, along with the economy and many other issues."

The former South Carolina governor is trailing behind former President Donald Trump in the polls. But, she is vowing to stay in the race through Super Tuesday next week when North Carolina will host its primary election.

"We need a new generational leader that can put in eight years, day and night, fixing the things we need to fix with no negativity, no drama, no vendettas - just real results for the American people," said Haley.

WATCH: Nikki Haley speaks in NC

Republican candidate Nikki Haley spoke at Union Station in Raleigh, North Carolina Saturday ahead of Super Tuesday.

Greensboro Coliseum was packed Saturday for Former President Trumps "Get Out the Vote" rally. Every seat was full including standing room.

North Carolina is a crucial battleground state, one that Donald Trump narrowly won in 2020 and one that republicans say is crucial toward a potential path to the White House in 2024. But first, the Former president is hoping to repeat the magic of early states in the primary against Nikki Haley.

"This November North Carolina is going to tell crooked Joe Biden, 'Joe you're fired, get out of here,'" Trump said.

Stopping in Greensboro Trump hit some big campaign themes, promising immediate deportations at the border and tackling inflation.

During Saturday's rally, the former president also endorsed North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson for Governor, several months after he pledged to do so. He also compared Robinson, who is Black, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the famed civil rights leader, referring to him as "Martin Luther King on steroids."

Trump said Robinson wasn't sure how to respond when Trump compared him to the legendary civil rights leader, telling him: "I think you're better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two."

"You should like it," Trump said.

Trump listed Robinson among several candidates that people should vote for in Tuesday's North Carolina Republican primaries, saying "they have my complete and total endorsement." Trump is also on the primary ballot as he seeks to all but eliminate his last remaining rival, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, from mathematical contention for the GOP nomination.

Despite the lack of a formal endorsement, the ex-president's support combined with strong fundraising and popularity among the GOP's base have helped make Robinson the GOP's front-runner for the gubernatorial nomination.

WATCH: Trump speaks at rally in Greensboro

Former president Donald Trump speaks in Greensboro ahead of Super Tuesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris also made a trip to North Carolina.

On Friday, she was joined by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper at 12:40 p.m. on Durham's historic Black Wall Street.

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Vice President Kamala Harris visited Durham on Friday to talk about the White House plan to invest millions in the economy.

This is her second trip to the state this year. In January, Harris visited a middle school in Charlotte and announced an additional $285 million in federal funding from the Safer Communities Act.

Saturday is the last day for early voting ahead of Tuesday's election.

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