Doug Pedersons' neighbors ready to welcome him back home

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (WPVI) -- New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and his family are excited about moving back to the area.

"Our kids were thrilled, honestly," Pederson said during his Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Before moving to Kansas City in 2011, the Pederson family lived on a cul-de-sac in the unit block of Hamilton Court in Moorestown, New Jersey. Their oldest child graduated from Moorestown High.

"And then our youngest who will be a freshman is actually the most fired up because of all of his buddies are texting him and telling him 'come on back! We got baseball spots for you, we got basketball spots, we've got your high school spot ready to go.' It does make that transition much easier," Pederson said.

Back in Moorestown, New Jersey, the Pedersons' old neighbors and even their realtor Chrystal Warrington are hoping they decide to move back here.

"I texted Jeannie right away and said, 'Congratulations! I can't wait till you come back.' I text her that there was one [house] in the neighborhood that just came on the market and she better hurry up and call," Warrington said.

Katherine Gillespie and her family bought the home the Pedersons lived in.

"We would absolutely love to have him back in Moorestown," Gillespie said.

The Klinger family lived next door to the Pedersons.

"His wife Jeannie is lovely. I guess I interacted with her a little bit more. She has the three boys and my son actually played baseball with the oldest son, Drew. And it was really nice, it was always fun, there was always excitement going on next door," Teresa Klinger said.

It turns out Chrystal Warrington was also a neighbor.

"Jeannie and Doug were very nice, very nice family. We were always interacting together. We always saw Doug outside with the kids and playing ball and Jeannie was always visiting," Warrington said.

So how does she and others feel about welcoming the Pedersons back to Moorestown?

"I would be so excited, I would be happy to find her a house and get them moved in," Warrington said.

Pederson hasn't said yet where he'll end up. But it's quite clear already that they would love to have him back in his old stomping grounds in South Jersey.
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