Police seek gun teen brought to Collingdale school

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Police are looking for the gun that a teen brought to a school in Delaware County, then passed on. (WPVI)

Police are looking for the gun that a teen brought to a school in Delaware County, then passed it on.

Collingdale police say they learned a 13-year-old student took a gun to Harris Elementary School on Thursday morning and allegedly gave it to another student.

Authorities were notified that night after boy's mother alerted officers that her gun was missing.

The school was searched on Friday, but police were not able to find the weapon.

"The bottom line is we have over 900 people at Harris Elementary between staff, faculty and students and there is a gun somewhere," said Chief Robert Adams.

There was no answer at the door of the 13-year-old's home.

Police say his family is coopering but the other family involved is not.

"I wanted to have a face-to-face a sit down with two boys to say 'look, where is the gun, let's just get this gun.' That didn't work," Adams said.

"They were steadfast that we are racists, and we are picking on them, and we're singling them out, and their son has done nothing wrong," Adams continued.

Parents we talked say they received phone notifications about the incident and were alarmed by the news.

"It was shocking because the first thing I thought of was shootings in other elementary schools, and I tapped my husband and said 'hey, listen to this.' But they didn't say they found a gun it was just a warning," said Shamah Howell.

For now investigators say they have hit a dead end.

They're hoping the weapon is recovered and they can close this case.

"Maybe a kid at Harris will step up and say 'this is where it is hidden.' I mean, we searched out back of the school and, the other problem, since yesterday, the trash has been emptied. So if it was in the trash can it is gone," said Adams.

We have reached out to the school district for comment but we haven't not heard back.

Police say they are in touch with the district attorney's office to see if any charges should be filed for leaving a gun unattended.

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