Ernie Banks will leaves everything to agent; Family contesting

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Monday, February 16, 2015
Joey and Jerry banks, the twin sons of Ernie Banks, speak during his memorial service.

CHICAGO -- Ernie Banks' sons believe the legendary baseball player's agent, Regina Rice, coerced Banks into signing a new will three months before he died.

Banks, also known as "Mr. Cub," died at the age of 83 on January 23. His children, Joey and Jerry, released a statement through their attorney on Monday. Late last week, Banks' estranged wife went to court to prevent Rice from having Banks cremated.

"My father was ill at the time she had him sign a will and I believe coerced him to give all of his assets to her. I find it quite interesting that she did not tell anyone that she had an attorney write up a new will," Jerry Banks said in the statement.

Banks' family, which lives in California, said they believed Rice was helping their father in Chicago and only learned of the new will later.

"What I did not know at that time is that for at least six months prior to my father's death, in my opinion, she was using him, manipulating him and controlled him. I was told that she got my father to sign over his assets, money and other valuables at a time when he was sick. Ms. Rice lied to me and my brother about the condition of my father's health," Joey Banks said in the statement.

The Banks' family said their attorney will "vigorously fight and contest this will."