Action News Troubleshooters investigation reveals hole in state system that tracks sex offenders

COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A minister and businessman with his own YouTube channel claims his mission is to help the poor help themselves, but our Troubleshooters investigation reveals a man apparently hiding in plain sight from his violent, criminal history.

The investigation was prompted by complaints about a local man's business but turned into something far more disturbing, opening up questions about the safety of our families.

Minister Alif Allah has a high profile social media presence promoting his company, Family Business Credit.

Minister Allah claims his business helps set up companies and charities for a fee.

The minister first got on our radar when we were contacted by two customers of Family Business Credit.

"He stood out because he said that, through his program, he could help nonprofits who were starting up just like myself, he could help them attain business credit," said Darryl Catay with The Firmament Foundation.

Joe Watkins added, "He seemed very professional. He had been in the nonprofit business for the last 10 plus years."

But both customers told the Troubleshooters they paid the minister and were unhappy with his results.

"The service was $2,500," said Watkins.

"I trusted him and trusted his word," said Catay.

We first went to Minister Allah for answers about his customers.

Nydia Han asked, "We talked to two of your customers who say they did not get what they paid for."

"I'm just behind on work. That is all that is," Minister Allah answered.

But this would not be the only time we tried to talk to the minister.

And the reason that brings us back raises disturbing questions.

Our investigation reveals Family Business Credit is registered to Arthur Commeger, aka Minister Alif Allah.

And it turns out, Arthur Commeger is a convicted sex offender.

Convicted sex offenders in Pennsylvania are required to register their name and correct address on the Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law website, which says "Public access is intended as a means of public protection."

Commeger is not a resident of the Philadelphia address listed on the Megan's Law website.

And every time we look for him, we find him in Coatesville at the same address on his Family Business Credit website.

We tracked down the minister once again for an explanation, "Minister Alif Allah, we know your real name is Arthur Commeger and you're a registered sex offender... We know you are not living at the address you listed on the Megan's Law website," said Nydia Han.

When Commeger ran away, Nydia asked, "Mr. Commeger, why can't you answer our questions?"

"I answered your questions," he responded.

"You have not answered my questions about being a registered sex offender," Han replied.

Commeger never did answer our questions about his past or the inaccurate information online.

So, the Troubleshooters reported the information to State Police, the agency tasked with maintaining the registry.

Officials there tell us they are investigating in light of the information we provided but refused an on-camera interview.

Victim advocate, Rachel Koeppen, with the Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence did weigh in.

"When we have something like this happen where it's not working or seems like it's not working then I think it's important to look at what went wrong and how can this work better," Koeppen said.

It might surprise you to know the information on the registry is based on the honor system, "self-reporting by the offenders" themselves.

And the police website admits "some of the information may be outdated or inaccurate."

Koeppen calls our discovery "troubling and upsetting."

"Our survivors are a valued part of our community and we want to make sure they are safe and protected as well as all individuals and families in our community," said Koeppen.

The Troubleshooters will continue checking in with authorities for updates on Commeger. We will also continue to ask how and who should fix this hole in our system.
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