New travel trend: More families opting to take children on vacation during school year

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
More families opting to take children on vacation during school year
New travel trend: More families are opting to take children on vacation during the school year vs. during the summer months.

There is a new travel trend for families across the country. More parents are taking their kids out of school to go on vacation.

Meet the Fernandez family. Mom, dad and two kids - the eldest is in first grade and the youngest is two years old and stays home with mom.

They travel during the school year to save money and give the kids a break from their daily routines.

"My family and I like to take vacations during the school year, let's say maybe twice during that year, if not at least once," said mom Marites Fernandez.

The Fernandez's say vacationing during the off-season also means it's less crowded.

"Primarily because it's quite affordable compared to going during the summer. Airfare, hotels and everything are going to be much more expensive (then)," said Fernandez.

The Bagley family also takes family trips when school is in session.

"If you can go between September, October - that seems to be when the crowds are down, prices are down and then the same in February after President's Day, because I think people aren't traveling right before spring break," said mom Amanda Bagley.

But educators are worried about the impact of missing class on kids.

"Showing up to school every day, reestablishing that routine of everyday attendance is critical. It helps lower anxiety, helps make sure that they develop good habits that are important for success in school," said Hedy Chang, Executive Director at Attendance Works.

For the majority of American families, the Family Travel Association says summer and spring still remains the top time to vacation, but 56% of respondents to the survey found the timing of school breaks are a challenge and 59% cited affordability as their most pressing issue.

These families say taking the kids on vacation is beneficial, adding that traveling can be educational because the kids get to learn new experiences.

"It's well worth it because I feel like even though we have a long summer break, having your kids just going to school and home and back and forth gets really repetitive. So, I think doing these family vacations is definitely helpful, not only for the kids but I think it's healthy for the family as a whole," said Fernandez.