Dad makes hilarious video about how to change the toilet paper roll

A dad created an instruction video to teach his kids how to change the toilet paper roll (YouTube / Will Reid)

A dad has filmed a sarcastic attempt to explain household chores to his teenage children.

Dad Will Reid created what he says is the first in a series of 'instructional' videos for his teens on his YouTube channel. The first video: How to change the toilet roll in the bathroom.

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The dad says he made the video because he was getting nowhere telling his kids how to complete chores in person. He then figured it would be best to reach them on a platform they're more comfortable with: social media.

The video was first posted on a private family group before being publicly shared online.

"I jokingly said to my kids that I would post it wider if they didn't start being more tidy," Reid said. "They said to go ahead as I wasn't funny and no one would be interested."

Unfortunately for his kids, the clip has since gone viral, receiving nearly 3.5 million views so far.
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