Kids II recalls all rocking sleepers due to reports of infant deaths

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Friday, April 26, 2019
Kids II recalls all rocking sleepers due to infant deaths, CPSC says
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Kids II recalls all rocking sleepers due to infant deaths, CPSC says. Gray Hall reports during Action News at 4pm on April 26, 2019.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says if you have a Kids II Rocking Sleeper, stop using it immediately.

The agency has issued a recall after five infant fatalities were reported since the product was introduced in 2012.

Parents are on high alert.

"It is horrible. I know people with small children and there is already anxiety with having small children and this adds to the anxiety - and we need to hold the manufactures responsible, absolutely," said Renee Toppin from Northeast Philadelphia.

CPSC says infant deaths have occurred in the rocking sleepers after the child rolled from their back to their stomachs - while unrestrained or under other circumstances, which the agency didn't elaborate on.

Action News spoke with Consumer Reports via Skype about the recall.

"The company said that their product was safe, if used as directed by the instructions but the problem with that is, of course as we have learned, infant inclined sleepers are not safe for babies of any age. Babies should not be sleeping at an incline according guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics," said Rachel Rabkin-Peachman with Consumer Reports.

This most recent recall comes after Fisher Price and CPSC issued a recall earlier this month for all Rock 'N Play 'Sleeper Models.

A total of 32 fatalities were reported after babies rolled over unrestrained. There is now a class-action lawsuit against Fisher Price and Mattel. The suit claims they marketed the product as safe for infants to sleep in.

"You can see how these public warnings have prompted action by consumers. I mean consumers were in the dark before they knew about all of the related incidents associated with these products," said Rabkin-Peachman.

For parents this is another reason to always be guard and do their research when buying baby products.

"It's a tragedy. My son sleeps in one, so now I have to go back and make sure it is not the one that's being manufactured. Hopefully they get it together's bad," says Diyon Jefferson from West Philadelphia.

"It is very concerning and just kind of reminds you that you need to do your homework on these items and check into them and not make purchases on a whim," said Sara Moyhn from Wynnewood.

Action News reached out to Kids II for comment and at the time of this report had not heard back from the company. If you have questions about baby products you are using contact your pediatrician.