Toddlers adopted from China reunited in Texas

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Two best friends are together again after 11 months apart.

Two best friends are together again after 11 months apart.

Three-year-old Dawson and four-year-old Hannah were inseparable at an orphanage in China.

The Sykes family first adopted Hannah and were determined to find Dawson a loving home, so they shared his story on Facebook.

And that's when the Clary family stepped in.

The Clarys already had three young children at home, but knew immediately that they wanted to help.

Amy Clary described the moment the two were reunited for the first time at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, saying, "They must have hugged, like, 400 times. They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over."

Before they were a part of their families in Plano, Texas, Hannah and Dawson had each other. They had been inseparable at the orphanage in China where they had essentially spent their entire lives.

Sharon Sykes tells us, "And they call each other brother and sister."

The families live about five minutes away from each other in north Texas.
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