Australian stores selling large avocados called 'Avo-Zillas'

SYDNEY, Australia (WPVI) -- The common phrase "holy guacamole" is incredibly appropriate for this.

Stores in Australia are now selling avocados coined "Avo-Zilla."

Customers are in awe of the large avocados.

They are sold in Sydney, and are five times the size of a "normal" avocado.

Its weight is almost three pounds, and it can cost you up to $16 just for one.

Store employees say this isn't the first time it's been featured in stores, but it still catches shoppers off guard.

It also has a different flavor than what we're used to.

"It's got a creamy flavor, with a nutty taste at the end. Wonderful that we have them for a short season, only for about, I would say probably about a month," says one store employee.
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