Farmer's markets packed with Jersey fresh produce

SOUTHAMPTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- Waretown Farms on Route 206 in Southampton, New Jersey is one of the hundreds of farm stands and markets this time of year, ready to sell what's come to be known as "Jersey fresh" fruits and vegetables.

"We don't keep it in cold storage, nothing is frozen, nothing is held onto for a month or whatever - I mean it's literally fresh picked," said Zora Alfonso, Wareton Farms.

This year's farm fresh produce is now coming in and that includes tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, zucchini and of course that famous Jersey corn.

"I bought some for Father's Day and it was the first batch of Jersey corn and it was delicious and I'm back again," said Brad Simpkins.

At Russo's Farm in Tabernacle, they grow and sell over 15 varieties of fruits and vegetables and customers at their market are eager to take them home.

"I just love normal produce; can't wait till it comes in - fresh strawberries, fresh corn," said Marty Devino.

Nicole Cabanas had a basket full of fresh items and is thrilled Russo's is now open for the season.

"It's important to me what I feed my children so for them to have local and fresh good vegetables and fruit," said Cabanas.

Of all the crops he grows, farmer Tony Russo is most proud of his sweetcorn. He sells 100,000 crates of it a year.

"Corn is the best I've seen it in maybe 10 years, 15 years. We've had good weather conditions, enough moisture, temperatures have been good," said Russo.

So the bonanza has begun. From now until October you can hit these farm stands and be sure that what you're getting is Jersey fresh.
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