Randall Park, Hudson Yang tackle Asian driving stereotype on 'Fresh Off the Boat'

ByJennifer Matarese via WPVI logo
Friday, November 2, 2018
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Jennifer Matarese interviews Randall Park and Hudson Yang about this week's "Fresh Off the Boat."

NEW YORK -- Fresh Off the Boat is tackling a big stereotype in this week's all-new episode. Louis (Randall Park) takes on teaching Eddie (Hudson Yang) how to drive after a police officer makes a very inappropriate Asian driver stereotype comment.

"My character Louis, he sees an accident on the side of the road and as Louis would do he comes to help and see what's going on and then the cop on the scene thinks that Louis caused the car accident because he's Asian," Park said. "And of course there's that stereotype that all Asians are bad drivers."

He decides that he's going to make Eddie the best driver ever.

"Like 'Tiger Dad' but with driving," Yang said.

Yang said that he thinks it's important the show is relatable.

"I think the fact that people can see themselves in the characters is what makes the show funny and good."

Now part of the TGIF lineup, Parks says he's embracing it while Yang had to figure out what being part of TGIF meant because it was on before he was born.

"It's a tradition that I grew up with so I'm so thrilled that they're bringing it back and that we're a part of it," Park said.

"I think we have a perfect line up too," Yang said.

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