Doctor removes 40 knives from man's stomach

AMRITSAR, India -- A doctor in India says he had to remove 40 knives from a man's stomach on Friday in Amritsar, India.

Dr. Jatinder Malhotra told CNN they found foldable knives, which when fully extended were about seven inches long.

"He (the patient) says he swallowed some knives folded, and some unfolded. When we took out the knives -- some were found folded, some were open, and some had even started rusting and were broken," Malhotra said.

The man said for two months he "developed a taste for metal" and "loved the way blades tasted." He kept the secret from his family. The doctor believes he has a rare disorder that most likely has not been published in any international medical journal, CNN reports.

The patient is OK and is set to be discharged in a couple of days.
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