Environmental group says most sunscreens don't work well

WASHINGTON (WPVI) -- With the Memorial Day holiday just days away, the Environmental Working Group says most sunscreens either don't work well or have questions about their safety.

The group evaluated more than 1,300 products and found 264 that met their standards.

The good news, says the group, is that the number of products meeting their standards is increasing.

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Like the FDA, the group is concerned about the ingredient oxybenzone, which may disrupt hormones. The EWG found oxybenzone in nearly two-thirds of the sunscreens being sold.

The FDA has called for more testing on it, saying there's not enough evidence to prove it's safe or not.

Earlier this year, the FDA said 12 ingredients found in sunscreens be subjected to more testing.

The group suggests sticking to products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, both known to be safe and effective.

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