FLASH lipo aims to target and eliminate unwanted fat

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- The latest fat-reducing technique is really making waves with people looking to eliminate what they consider to be problem areas.

It's new and it's the brainchild of a South Jersey plastic surgeon who is doing something that's often been considered nearly impossible - eliminating hard-to-tackle, smaller spots.

Kristine Iannaco has long been self-conscious about her knees, hiding them under longer clothing.

"What I dislike about my body is my knees, and I always have since I was 12. I don't even own shorts," she said.

She's been annoyed by fatty pickets on the inner knee that defied exercise and healthy eating.

But she's come to Dr. Steve Davis in Cherry Hill to bid those pockets farewell with his FLASH technique.

"FLASH is Fat Lipo Away, Same Hour," explaied Dr. Davis.

He says the host of methods that freeze, or melt fat away are good for larger areas, but time and again, patients asked about smaller spots such as the inner knee area, the arm area, the neck and the so-called "bra fat" spot on the back.

"I came up with a system that allows me to take very fine straws and literally aspirate, or suck out the fat from that zone," said Dr. Davis.

After the target zone is numbed with novocaine, Dr. Davis makes a tiny incision and a syringe with the straw - or canula - is used to break up and remove the fat permanently.

Because patients are wide awake, they can move and even stand up, so Dr. Davis can see the fat reduction take shape.

"I can be more specific with this than with any other technique," he said.

After FLASH, the area is put under compression and the patient is told to take it easy for a few days.

Kristine is thrilled with her results. Just a few weeks after FLASH, she celebrated with some short skirts!

Dr. Davis says FLASH costs much less than other procedures, because the areas are smaller.
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