Kids connected with nature are happier, better behaved

Happy Earth Day! Today is not just about how we can help the planet, but also how it helps us.

A recent study shows the benefits when kids connect with nature.

The study surveyed nearly 500 families with kids ages two to five. Researchers found kids more connected to nature tend to be happier and with better behavior..

They also show less stress and good social skills.

Doctors say spending more time outdoors is beneficial for a few reasons.

"The first is increasing the physical activity, connecting with nature; being educated about things outside of a child's self. The other piece of that is the more time a child is outside, the less time they're spending inside in sedentary activities," says Kate Eshleman, Psy.D., of the Cleveland Clinic Children's hospital.

And parents, the best way to get your kids to be more active outside is to lead by example.
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