Swimproof fitness tracker solves major gripe of athletes

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Two new activity trackers were revealed Monday. (WPVI)

Activity trackers have been a popular item for amateur athletes, dieters, and fitness fans.

But if your exercise plan involved water, you were high & dry; the tracker always had to come off.

Two new activity trackers were revealed today, one of them solving that complaint among fitness buffs.

The FitBit company has added a swim-proof device to its line-up.

With the 'Fit-Bit Flex Two,' you can swim laps.

The company also updated it's most popular tracker, making the screen larger and adding several new features.

There are dozens of different activity trackers, made by a handful of different companies.

They can measure your steps, your heart rate and even sleep.

Many people ask, "what's the best activity tracker?"

I can't really answer that because it all depends on what you are looking for.

So figure out what how you want to use it, how complex you want it to be, the size of the device and the cost.

Then go online and compare.
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