Mentally preparing your kids to head back to school

Families across the area are busy getting ready for that first day of school. But amidst the mission to get backpacks and supplies, doctors say kids need to be mentally ready, too.

Youngsters and parents alike may have first-day jitters, especially if it's a new school, so talk to your children to let them know what to expect.

"Use positive language as you're doing that. That creates a little bit of intrigue, curiosity, and potential excitement on the child's part as well, so that if they know that this is a fun and exciting place to be, they're more likely to want to go," said Dr. Kimberly Giuliano,Cleveland Clinic Children's.

It's helpful to visit the school ahead of time, even if it's only to see the building, and explore the playground.

By the time school starts, kids will feel more comfortable there.