Preparing for ice storms: Are you ready?

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Meteorologist David Murphy explains the differences between sleet and freezing rain and the dangers that come with both.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With the first ice storm in years expected to impact parts of the Delaware Valley, are you ready?

An ice storm warning has been issued for some of the viewing area's far western Pennsylvania counties from Monday evening to early Tuesday morning.

According to meteorologist David Murphy, significant icing is possible with a build-up of a half-inch of ice in the Lehigh Valley, Berks County, the Poconos and even northwestern Chester, Montgomery and Bucks counties.

Keep in mind that power outages are a common result of ice storms.

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That's because accumulating ice - caused by falling rain that freezes on surfaces - weighs down trees and powerlines, causing them to fall.

The National Weather Service offers the following tips to prepare for ice storms and minimize their impact:

- Put together an emergency supply kit before the storm hits

- Have a week's worth of food and prescriptions on hand in case you lose power or are unable to travel outside your home

- Trim weak or damaged branches around your home

- Don't leave windshield wipers raised on your vehicles

- Don't park your vehicles under trees

- Keep your electronic devices charged