Proposed bill would cap insulin cost in Delaware

DOVER, Delaware (WPVI) -- Delaware could become the next state to cap the cost of prescription insulin.

A bill is being introduced to put a $100 monthly limit on it.

House Bill 263 is being co-sponsored by Representatives David Bentz, Andria Bennett, and Melissa Minor-Brown.

The cap would apply to anyone with an individual, group, or state employee insurance plan.

And it would be regardless of the amount or type of insulin.

"Insulin is a vital medication, but its high cost often forces people to make risky choices, like skipping doses and rationing vials just to get by each day. These costs, which disproportionately impact those with less means, can be literally life-threatening, says Representative Bentz, the lead sponsor.

One study from the Health Care Cost Institute on the costs for Type 1 diabetes patients, found that the cost of insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016.

Some patients pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket every year for insulin.

Nearly a quarter of the adults in Delaware either have diabetes or are on the verge of it
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