How one local cellist is connecting with folks through music along South Street

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- You may have seen this young cellist playing one of your favorite tunes somewhere around the city.

Whether along the storefronts down South Street or walkways in Center City, Aijee Evans has utilized her musical talents to connect with people uniquely.

Evans, 23, has spent over ten years playing the cello but says her street performing vision began as a high schooler at CAPA in South Philadelphia.

"Street performing is where I feel most free. There are no wrong notes. Anything you play is right," said Evans. "When I started to come out here...after school, I would walk home, and before I would get on the train I would see people in the subway, and I'm like 'I think I can do that!'"

Evans soon began making her imprint on many that have passed by during their strolls in the city.

"You never know who would walk by or who might need you for their wedding," she said.

Evans soon grew concerned if her street performances would be disrupted by officials without having the proper clearances.

"The first time I played on South Street was about a month or so ago, and I wasn't sure since I've never tried South Street," added Evans.

But her concerns were quickly put at ease as she was invited to play in front of local jewelry design store Shyne Jewelers in South Street.

"I'm very grateful," said Evans as the jewelry store even gifted her with a customized necklace that displays her first initial.

Overall, Evans just wants to inspire people through her artistic talent.

"I feel amazing when I play. It brings me at peace. It's definitely therapeutic," said Evans. "So the fact that I can do that for other people, it's like a win-win."
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