8-year-old boy saves sister from choking on chicken nugget

HAZLETON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- An 8-year-old Luzerne County, Pennsylvania boy is being called a hero for quick thinking that saved his little sister's life.

Jaxson Demsey was in the car with his dad and 20-month-old sister when he noticed the girl was not breathing. Despite his age, the young boy jumped into action.

"We were driving to my haircut and I noticed she was starting to choke from a chicken nugget from McDonald's, and I told my dad to pull over. Then I was starting to pat on her back and it got out," said Demsey.

The boy says a kid's TV show taught him what to do when someone starts choking.

His father says he wouldn't have known the girl stopped breathing if it wasn't for his son's actions.
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