Wendy's district manager criticizes Massachusetts town in email to dissatisfied customer

WAREHAM, Massachusetts (WPVI) -- A man in Massachusetts sent an email to the corporate heads at Wendy's to complain about the service.

The response he received was hardly what he was expecting.

Matthew Rose says on his past few visits he had a few bad experiences at the Wareham Wendy's.

Wendy's responded, not with an apology, but with full blown criticism of his town.

The district manager wrote, in part not an excuse, but the town of Wareham has little or no talent pool to hire from and that qualified candidates are hard to come by as most are recovering addicts.

"Saying the town of Wareham is full of junkies and people that have no viable talent to work in a fast food restaurant? That is more than heartless," Rose says.

Wendy's corporate responded saying those comments do not reflect their welcoming and inclusive hiring practices or their values, and they're taking it up with the Wareham store.
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