Michigan officer pulls over man in banana car, gives him $20

Some may call this story bananas!

An officer in Michigan pulled over a banana car and instead of giving the driver a ticket, the officer gave him cash.

According to the Washington Post, Steve Braithwaite has spent the past two years driving his homemade banana-shaped convertible across America.

He offers pay-what-you-can rides in the car to fund his days on the road.

After explaining the banana road trip, which he calls "the world needs more whimsy grand tour", Trooper Bill Strouse left with Braithwaite's license.

He checked out the car to make sure everything was fine.

When Trooper Strouse came back with his license, Braithwaite noticed it was wrapped in a $20 bill.

Strouse is just a few months away from retirement, and wanted to do a good deed.
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