Microsoft: Pokemon Go boosts steps 28 percent

The research is in showing just how much Pokemon Go got people up and moving. According to Microsoft, the overall activity amounted to nearly 144 billion steps.

The tech giant enlisted 1,500 players, during July and August, to track their activity.

The players logged 28 percent more steps than before they played Pokeman Go.

And those were people who don't regularly exercise - 36 percent were overweight, and nearly 30 percent fit into the obese range.

This summer, we told you about Nick Johnson of Brooklyn. He's the game's first U.S. winner.

He lost more than 10 pounds walking around New York in search of the characters.

On the flip side, there were some people who walked right into accidents as well, so with any game like this, you have to remember to watch where you're walking.
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