'Millennial Summit' aims to train next generation of leaders

ByRebeccah Hendrickson WPVI logo
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
'Millennial Summit' aims to train next generation of leaders
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'Millennial Summit' aims to train next generation of leaders. Beccah Hendrickson has more on Action News at 6 p.m. on August 6, 2019.

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- We've all heard the stereotype that millennials are born with a phone in their hands. One of the guys trying to revolutionize space travel says that's actually a good thing.

"They're born and raised in the digital age, which I wasn't. I had to adapt to the internet as I was growing up," says Clay Mowry, the vice president of Blue Origin, and one of the keynote speakers for the third annual "Millennial Summit" in Wilmington.

The idea is to bring future leaders from across the US together for training in different areas of business, like finance, government and public service.

"You want diversity in the workplace, you want diversity of thought. They're bringing a fresh perspective to what we're doing," said Mowry.

"As a millennial, a lot of people tell us what we can't do," said Markevis Gideon, one of the attendees. "But when you don't let other people impose limits on you, you realize you can do so much more."

Gideon is a 31-year-old entrepreneur, and the founder of NERDiT Now, a company that brings IT help directly to the customer.

"Most people know us because we took an ambulance and turned it to a mobile office and we go around repairing things," he said.

He's also taking his idea a step further from innovation and looking for ways to give back to his neighbors.

"My idea is if I can donate 100 computers back into the community every year, how many lives can we change?"

Gideon plans on presenting his business to other attendees Wednesday, which is the final day of the summit.