Missing California girl last seen at campground party may have been abducted: sheriff's office

'We have no plans to leave any stone unturned' in search for missing teenager, Placer County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said

Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Missing CA girl last seen at campground party may have been abducted
The missing girl from California was last seen Saturday night at a campground party near Lake Tahoe.

TRUCKEE, Calif. -- Police say the 16-year-old California girl who vanished after going to a campground party this weekend may have been kidnapped.

Law enforcement were scouring the area on Monday, after Kiely Rodni disappeared from a campground in northern California near Lake Tahoe.

"We have no plans to leave any stone unturned until we get Kiely home," said Angela Musallam, the Placer County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

The sheriff's office is currently treating the case as a potential abduction. Other agencies, as well as the FBI, are also involved in the investigation.

Rodni was last seen at a campground party with 200 to 300 other teens on Saturday in the early morning hours.

Rodni's mother got a text from her around midnight about coming home, but she never did.

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"I called her, and sent her texts, too, and she didn't answer, and that's when I knew something was wrong," Lindsey Rodni-Nieman said.

Sami Smith said she was the last person to speak with her at the party early Saturday morning.

"She was having a fun time at the party, just being a teenager," Smith said.

And she said she believes the party was safe.

"Everything she drank I drank out of, and there was nothing that seemed off about her," Smith said.

Police said Rodni's phone has been out of service since the party. Her car, a silver Honda SUV, is also missing. Police are asking for anyone who attended the party to cooperate with the investigation.

"For anybody who was there, we're just begging, begging for you to please come forward and share your story," Rodni-Nieman said.

Authorities said because they cannot locate her car, they're treating this as an abduction, and they are widening the search area, along with asking parents of other kids at the party that night to go through their kids' phones, look at pictures and video and social media and see if there is anything to help authorities piece together a timeline.