What's the Deal: Saving money on furniture

Money Talks News has tips on knocking the stuffing out of furniture prices.

Just as clothes can make the man, furniture can make a home. But there's a problem with nice furniture - it carries a hefty price tag.

But that doesn't mean you have to pay a lot to get a lot. As with most expensive things in life, there are tons of ways to save.

Here are five comfortable ways you might save 50 percent or more when you shop for furniture.

Idea number one?

Timing. New inventory comes in around Memorial Day, then again around Veterans Day.

That's when inventory clearance sales start, but you can save as much as half off by waiting till July 4th or Christmas.

Idea number two?

Online shopping. There are membership sites that offer fine furniture at up to 50 percent off. The clearance section of sites like Overstock.com also frequently feature 50-percent-off deals.

And don't ever buy anything, online or off, without first checking for coupons.

And then there are consignment stores. Here you can actually look at the merchandise and save 50 percent - maybe even more because sometimes you can haggle the price down.

Added bonus? Some of the older furniture is built better than the furniture you buy today.

Looking at one piece, Roger Bower of Las Olas Consignments said, "This is an unusual very carved console we have made in Spain. The man originally paid $8,000 for it, and we have it now about 75% off that price at $1,800."

Finally, there's the place where you can save the most.

Craig's list, Freecycle and yard sales, estate sales and auctions: there are websites and apps that can help you find them.
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