Robotic exoskeleton helps woman with MS walk

A trial is underway to see if a robotic exoskeleton can retrain the brains of multiple sclerosis patients to help them walk better.

It's a preliminary study with just 5 patients, but could set the stage for a larger test.

The exoskeleton is programmed to each person, with braces supporting the lower body. Sensors trigger motors to lift the legs.

"It's an interactive machine, so not only does it generate power, it has little motors to generate power at the joints, but it also senses what's happening," said Francois Bethoux from Cleveland Clinic.

"With MS, the circuitry kind of gets short circuited and then it has to find alternative passages to get your leg moving or walking and that, it builds, it helps build that memory," said patient, Kathy Miska.

Miska says even with only three hours a week on the bionic walker, her posture and walking form have improved.
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