Relatives of teens struck by gunfire in multiple shooting speak out

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Relatives of the victims of a multiple shooting are speaking out Monday, as loved ones are recovering in the hospital after a shooting incident that injured 6 people this weekend.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. Sunday in North Philadelphia

James Hines, the father of one of the victims, said the boys, ranging in ages 14 to 27, were hanging out on the corner of 8th and Clearfield streets.

"My son is saying 'Dad, I've been shot,' my nephew is saying 'Uncle, I've been shot' then I hear people around saying I've been shot," he said.

Hines' 20-year-old son, Jahmir, said shots suddenly rang out. He looked up to see the gunman in a black Jeep. Hines heard the gunshots from his home around the corner.

"I didn't even think twice about looking out the door," he said. "I came straight out the door."

He said he picked up his nephew and son and placed them in his car and the other victims just jumped in. He took off for the hospital.

Later, he'd learn the gunman drove around the block to finish the job. But had missed them by seconds.

Hines has six other young children. He says they're running out of "safe" routes to walk to school and they fear they'll be shot, too.

"They asked me this Morning about school. They said which way should we walk to school now dad?" he said.

Hines says his brother was shot to death on this very same street more than a decade ago.

Jahmir's other uncle on his mother's side was also shot to death.

"I just want to move when the time comes and I don't want to look back," said Hines.

"I want out," he said.

Hines said the doctors told him the bullet that struck his nephew hit a major artery and had he not got him to the hospital so quickly, he would have like bled to death.
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