New Jersey's full service gas stations in question over coronavirus outbreak

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Calls to stop full service gas in New Jersey
New Jersey's full service gas stations are in question amid COVID-19 outbreak.

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- At New Jersey's gas stations - all full service - attendants are wearing gloves and some are wearing masks as they interact with customers who need to fill up during the coronavirus outbreak.

The New Jersey Gasoline Convenience Automotive Association is now calling on the governor to temporarily allow drivers to pump their own gas - in the name of social distancing.

Oregon, which prohibits self-serve gas in part of the state, recently made the move to allow stations to offer pump-your-own gas for a few weeks.

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"We think that they did that for a very good reason and we think that same very good reason should work in New Jersey, as well," said NJGCA Executive Director Sal Risalvato.

Murphy said Monday afternoon he has no plans to change anything at New Jersey's gas stations for the time being, but added that people should do their best to social distance whenever they are out, whether it's at a gas station or other essential errands.

The NJGCA wrote in a press release Monday, "An attendant wearing gloves and never touching their face may be able to protect himself from any contamination on a sick motorist's credit/debit card, but the virus will presumably continue to live on the attendant's gloves and perhaps attach itself to the card of every subsequent motorist who comes in afterward."

In the release, Risalvato said, "a temporary suspension of the laws that prohibit motorists from pumping their own gas would allow motorists to fill their own tanks and take their own hygienic precautions in order to avoid spreading Coronavirus. This is as simple as providing sanitizing wipes for customers to wipe gas nozzles which is exactly what grocery stores are doing with shopping carts. It is otherwise impossible for gas attendants and motorists to maintain the six-foot social distance that is currently required."

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