Mother pens New York Times article saying women can choose work over family time

A New York Times article is going viral for what it says about career women.

The article argues women can choose work over spending time with their kids as long as there's a balance.

A working mother, Lara Bazelon, wrote the controversial essay for the Times. She is a wife, mother, lawyer, professor and writer.

"Pressures on mothers are different from pressures on fathers. WE re held to a different standard, and so when fathers, for example, go grocery shopping or show up in the middle of the day for an event, everyone thinks it's so wonderful and fantastic. And of a mother, for example, misses the midday event, there's this sense of 'well, why weren't you there?'," she said.

Bazelon says mothers need to support each other instead of comparing their parenting tactics.

She also believes this sets an example for her kid's future.
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