Constable shoots fleeing suspect in Lehigh Co.

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Police are still investigating a shooting involving a state constable. (WPVI)

A Lehigh Valley man is recovering in the hospital after a state constable's attempt to serve a warrant ended in gunshots.

The incident happened in the 3400 block of Portland Street in Whitehall Township.

"I heard 'pop, pop.' I ran to the window and saw this scene," said neighbor Tammy Williams.

We spoke with the suspect's former girlfriend and housemate, Hafeezah Muhammad, who is still in shock over what happened.

Muhammad says it was just before 8:00 a.m. Thursday when she sent her housemate, identified as 38-year-old Kebin McCullers, to get a coffee for her from Dunkin Donuts.

That's when two constables tried to serve a warrant on him for 22 parking violations in Allentown, Lehigh County and 9 additional outstanding violations in North Hampton County.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin says, "Frankly, I'm a bit disturbed by the fact that there would be a shooting in connection with attempting to serve parking tickets."

Investigators say the two constables approached McCullers in the garage while he still had the car door opened, and instead of going with them he began backing out of the garage with the constables trapped between the open door and the edge of the garage.

Both pulled their guns. One fired a shot into the car's tire - the other at McCullers.

Martin explains, "One of the constables, who I am not going to identify at this point, fired a shot because he says he was in imminent fear of serious bodily injury as he was being backed up."

Authorities say they had been trying to catch up with McCullers for a few months, but they were unsuccessful. They say once he even ducked out a back window of the home.

His friends and family say they don't understand how it got to this.

McCullers is at Lehigh Valley Hospital where he is expected to undergo surgery.

As for the constables, they have both voluntarily given up their guns. What happens next though is unclear because unlike police, there is no direct chain of command for constables.

The District Attorney Martin says he will have to wait until the investigation is complete before deciding if any charges will be filed against McCullers or either of the constables.
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