Former Philly police officers speak firsthand about dangers cops face in line of duty

VOORHEES, N.J. (WPVI) -- Few know the dangers cops face more than former Philadelphia police officers Donald and Brian McMullin.

In June 1991, Donald was shot by an occupant of a car while conducting a routine traffic stop in West Philadelphia with his partner and twin.

"Point-blank range fired between the eye and the socket," said Donald McMullin, former Philadelphia police officer.

"I had to make a decision to save my life and my brother's life and return gunfire," said Brian McMullin, former Philadelphia police officer.

Brian made that decision in a split second. So, too, did Officers involved shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte. They're watching the coverage with keen interest and understanding.

"Of course they're going to be on edge because every situation they know is going to be dissected with the cameras that are out there," said Donald McMullin.

Donald McMullin was shot in the same district as two recent shootings. In January, officer Jesse Hartnett was ambushed in his cruiser, and just last week, Sgt. Sylvia Young was ambushed and shot eight times.

Donald tells us he fears the attacks will further galvanize police and some communities they work to protect.

"Most police officers would rather have a good community supporting them because when they feel that trust, they can go out and do a better job," said Donald McMullin.

Neither officer returned to the force. Brian became a nurse. Donald became a physical therapist. He says he still misses police work, however.
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