Local community rallies to help in Liberia Ebola outbreak

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Liberian community in Philadelphia continues to feel the effects of the Ebola outbreak abroad.

"A woman who sings in our choir, her whole family her whole village was wiped out," said Rev. Moses Dennis, Liberian Ministers Association.

Local Liberians are trying to keep updated on what's happening back home, talking to their families as much as possible.

"I have my mother, brother, sisters, my son - my biological son is there too," said one local woman. You don't know what will happen tomorrow, that's the fear that everyone lives with but we are hoping and praying they will make it through," said one local woman.

"They're scared, but they are past being scared, now it's proactive. They are doing what the health care workers are telling them to do to protect themselves," said Rev. Dennis.

The Liberian Minsters Association is trying to help. The group is collecting cleaners, Clorox, sanitizers, gloves and food to send to those in need in Liberia.

"Those are the things they are lacking most. They ran out of supply in the stores and they need them," said Rev. Dennis.

While the group has already collected some supplies, they say much more is needed.

"I think the goodwill of the people of the Delaware Valley has been seen before and we are letting them know they can be a part of the effort. We appreciate everybody," said Rev. Dennis.

The Liberian Ministers Association is holding a collection drive October 23-25. For more information on how to make a donation visit: www.lmadv.org.
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