Man held at gunpoint, forced to drive home in Olney

OLNEY (WPVI) -- Police are trying to find the suspect who held a man at gunpoint, forced him to drive to his home, then attacked and robbed him.

News of what happened surprised longtime residents and business owners in Olney.

"It's shocking but a lot of these crimes happen around here," business manager Jessica Le said.

Philadelphia police say on Monday, June 6th, around 4:30 p.m., a 34-year-old man was leaving the Christian Express store along North 5th Street when the suspect approached with a gun.

Police say the suspect is believed to be a man dressed in women's clothing.

Police say the suspect forced the victim into his car. The 34-year man was then told to drive to his own home.

Once there, the suspect searched through the apartment taking several items.

When the victim attempted to stop him, police say the suspect lunged at the victim, throwing him on the bed, then choking him.

The suspect fled in the victim's 2000 Ford Focus, getting away with $12, a tablet, a Guess watch and a gold necklace.

Police say the suspect is tall, with a stocky build, a tattoo on his left leg, wearing a pink or orange shirt, with white pants and a large handbag.

Fed up with the local crime, Le started taking precautions years ago to protect herself and her clients.

"That's why I got the surveillance camera and the buzzer on my door," Le said.

Longtime resident Michelle Moore is hoping for an arrest, but says crimes like this will continue if the community doesn't step up.

"That's not going to stop anything if they're going to sit and look and whisper and not do anything at all," Moore said.

The victim was not injured and no shots were fired.

If you have any information, Philadelphia police would like to hear from you.
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