No licenses for N.J. drivers due to computer glitch

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- One by one, people arrived with documents and checks in hand, but left after finding out the computers at the Motor Vehicle Services were down Thursday all across New Jersey.

That meant no drivers' licenses, no permits, not for any Garden State residents, not today.

"The computers have been down for four hours, and they can only do registrations and titles," said Tom Christian of Cinnaminson. "They can't do IDs."

The Motor Vehicle Commission called it a "hardware failure," and said the state's Office of Information Technology was working on a repair. Until it's fixed, you bet there's frustration.

"I think it's a waste of our time. We drove all over to find it and here we are," said Don Scioli of Mt. Laurel.

Caitlin Divito got a babysitter, and even had her hair done, anticipating a new driver's license photo today.

"My license expires at the end of the month," said Caitlin Divito of Cherry Hill. "What am I supposed to do? When else am I gonna get here?"

The MVC posted an alert on its website this afternoon, but most people missed it, and they can't come back tomorrow - locations are closed for Good Friday.

"They're closed tomorrow, but they're open Saturday," said Joan Scioli. "She said already it's going to be very, very busy."

"I drove about a half hour to be here so I gotta come back next week at some point," said Adam Breskin of Cherry Hill.

We wanted to know what exactly the problem is, and if the state has any indication when it might be fixed.

The Office of Information Technology is working on a repair, but a spokesperson would not answer our questions referring us back to the Motor Vehicle Commission, who tell Action News they're trying to figure it out.
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