Residents frustrated over snow-filled Philadelphia neighborhoods

MAYFAIR (WPVI) -- On snow clogged side streets, mountains of snow are nearly three feet high and tempers are elevated.

On the 6600 block of Erdrick Street in Mayfair Monday night, neighbors were close to blows.

They're stuck and frustrated.

Resident Nancy Jordan took action when she saw an incident between two neighbors.

"I called the cops on them. They were standing out here with shovels getting ready to swing them at each other," neighbor Nancy Jordan said.

Varney Freeman said the problem escalated when some people were able to get out of their spots.

"A few people were able to get their cars out and make a little space and weren't considerate of others to move their cars so others could pull their cars out," Freeman said.

From Mayfair to South Philadelphia on Cook Street to Manayunk on Baldwin, small side streets remain covered in snow.

Add to that people who try and reserve parking spots with chairs and recycling bins and people are getting fed up.

"It has been a disaster. You can't get anywhere," Manayunk resident Tara Jones said.

Crews are bleary eyed, working around the clock to clear the roads.

Most residents commend their work and the city urges people to be patient.

"We do appreciate your patience. We're getting to your streets. We have to take care of the big ones first, to get everything rolling, and that affects the most number of people. But we haven't forgotten you and we are coming or we are already there," Mayor Jim Kenney said Monday.

On a lighter note, Brent Crouse of South Philadelphia has a backup plan should the snow not be removed within a couple days.

"Get some snowshoes," he said with a laugh.
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