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A confessed drunk driver has learned his punishment for a deadly crash.

50-year-old Robert Landis was sentenced to 8 to 17 years under a plea deal - not including additional time he could face for the parole violation.

The parents of victim, Liam Crowley, told the judge that while they agreed to the plea bargain since it was the most certain way he would spend time in jail, they're certainly not satisfied by it.

At the Chester County Justice Center this morning, Diane Crowley told the judge that she'll never dance at her son's wedding, never hold his newborn, and she said it was all down to the complete indifference of this one individual, Robert Landis, and the inaction of those around him.

Diane tells us, "When you're a mother you can't& don't raise your kids to grow up to be drunk drivers, and you certainly don't want to raise your kids to have them grow up to be killed by drunk drivers. So it has to start at home."

Landis had been arrested seven prior times for drunk driving since 1981. He was released from prison in 2011 after a two year prison term for driving under the influence.

Then in April 2013 he turned his truck into 24-year-old Liam Crowley's motorcycle.

Landis was leaving a bar that night. His blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. Attorneys say he was so drunk he couldn't even recite the alphabet.

The family is working to create Liam's Law, which calls for higher mandatory minimum sentences for repeat drunken drivers like Landis who cause a crash that kills.

Landis' statement was brief. He said no words can change what he did and he was sorry.

His attorney, Joseph Green, believes the punishment is fair

Green says, "I thought it was a fair and just result in a tragic case that the criminal justice system isn't really designed to fix."

Landis' attorney went on to say his client is not appealing the decision.
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