Water testing expanded to all Philadelphia Public Schools; some results released

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The School District of Philadelphia has announced it is expanding its drinking water testing to every school and every fountain in the city. (WPVI)

The School District of Philadelphia has announced it is expanding its drinking water testing to every school and every fountain in the city.

The district is also releasing some of the results of tests it has already completed.

"My heart is pounding because you send your kids to school you don't think anything is going to happen just from their water," said Jasmyne Lacroix, parent.

Jasmyne Lacroix worries about her three children who attend Holme Elementary School.

Water fountain test results found 11 fountains had lead levels above 15 parts per billion, the safety threshold according the Environmental Protection Agency. Two had more than 53 parts per billion.

"We immediately shut off any outlets that were above the actionable level," said Fran Burns, Philadelphia School District.

Fran Burns is Chief Operating Officer of the Philadelphia School District. She says 26 of 40 schools have been tested. They are considered high-risk schools because of age and other factors.

More than 85 percent of the water fountains tested this year have acceptable levels of lead. However three schools of note - Gompers Elementary had a fountain at 151 ppb, Overbrook High School had 87 ppb and Bethune Elementary had 64.3 ppb.

Have any of those students been at risk of lead poisoning?

"No. The best thing I can say is when you get a letter we have some information to educate yourself. We don't believe this is cause for alarm," said Fran.

A letter has been sent to parents at affected schools. It reads in part:

"If you are concerned about your child's possible lead exposure risks, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) recommends contacting your pediatrician or neighborhood Health Center for testing."

"I have three children who go to this school so now I am thinking about the effects on them and what I can do," said Lacroix.

The district says all failed fountains have been taken out of service or remediated.
Water Quality Results (Current):

Locke Elementary School

Franklin High School

Blankenburg Elementary School

Bache Martin Elementary School
Overbrook High School

Cassidy Elementary School

Gompers Elementary School

Pierce Elementary School

Kelley Elementary School

Meade Elementary School

Parkway Center City High School (Stoddart Fleisher)
H.A. Brown Elementary School

Ludlow Elementary School

Cramp Elementary School (1st)

Cramp Elementary School (2nd)

Spring Garden Elementary School

Steel Elementary School

Zeigler Elementary School

Bethune Elementary School

Disston Elementary School

Holme Elementary School

Pollock Elementary School

Decatur Elementary School

For the complete test results, and the test results from 2000-2010 CLICK HERE.
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